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Thanksgiving Turkey Charity Draw



"So privileged today to be able to deliver all this food to two deserving charities. We met volunteers at Wood's Homes who have been there for over 12 years helping teenagers who need a place to stay at night before they find more permanent arrangements. Then we met a great group of volunteers at Hope Mission which has been serving hot dinners and providing activities to kids mostly 6-12 after school for the past year. They're a god-send for the mostly single moms and dads around the Forest Lawn area for after school care till they finish work. Thanks to our amazing Quantus Team that provided the money necessary to make this difference."

- Todd Fralic, Quantus Mortgage Solutions

October 9th was a very special day for us at Quantus. We started off our day by picking up 12 large frozen Turkeys and 12 $50 gift cards from Superstore. The people behind us in line were a little confused if you can imagine. 

We drove to a whole in the wall little shelter called "Woods Homes EXIT Youth Shelter" where we dropped off 6 of the turkeys and spoke to a man named Daniel about the history and nature of the place. Woods Homes is actually celebrating their 100 year anniversary, which is very exciting for the team that works there. He said that most, if not all the kids that stay there are either addicts or suffering from mental illness. They go there to eat and sleep, and they disperse in the day. Daniel told us that they were very thankful for the Turkeys and that the frequency of donations has been slowing down over the past year - they rely on donations for the kids - especially things like toiletries, blankets, and feminine products. The EXIT Youth Shelter will be sitting down to a big turkey dinner Sunday, Oct 12 thanks to our teams donations! We snapped a few pictures and then made our way to Hope Mission.

Oddly enough, we had heard that the radio station, Country105, was live on location at Hope Mission. We had set up the donation drop off with Hope Mission a few weeks before and when we got there the small orange safe haven was full of life, laughs, volunteers & donations. Hope Mission is an organization that provides struggling parents with after school child care - feeding the kids, and stimulating them with fun activities such as art projects, and dance. A man called Jay told us all about how Hope Mission was originally based out of Edmonton, and started up in 1929 as a soup kitchen for men struggling during the depression. They didn't expand into Calgary until 2012, so they are fairly new! The team that works there are a very friendly bunch - you can just tell that they love what they do by looking at them. Our donation to them will be used to feed many children many meals! 80 people will be sitting down to feast on Monday, Oct 13! Happy Thanksgiving!