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Canquest Mortgage Inc. was established in 2005. Karen has also over 25 years of Mortgage experience within a large Bank. Karen has provided professional services to all her clients with various challenges that can come when obtaining a mortgage. With her extensive experience she will provide you with a comfort knowing that your mortgage will be handled in a timely manner and reduce the stress that comes with seeking out your financing.

Canquest Mortgage goal is to make this an exciting time and ensure your experience goes smoothly. This risk-free home service can be done by Karen Loehndorf who will act as a facilitator between you and the lender. She will provide the knowledge and answer any questions. She would like to establish long term relationships with her clients. For all you first time homebuyer, she teaches you the step by step on how to obtain your mortgage and the knowledge you need to making the decisions in obtaining your mortgage.

Banks have their own product and they are very limited to each person. Canquest will be watching for the best rate with the lenders and will look for the best exist strategy.  Payout penalties on your mortgage can be very hard to understand and Canquest make sure you understand them at the time you are signing up. Today, most banks are registering a Collateral mortgage – they register the full amount of the value of your property. She will explain the difference.

The mortgage rules and guidelines have changed and Canquest will explain the difference in the insured mortgage and uninsured mortgages. How you must qualify now on the Benchmark rate for all your mortgages whether insured or non insured.

Perks of Consulting with Canquest Mortgage licensed with Quantus Mortgage Solutions:

Our Rates beat the Bank – We often have rates that not only beat the banks, but are lower than other mortgage brokerages in the provinces.


Industry Foothold – Our relationships with our lenders means quick turnaround times, and flexibility with our underwriters.


Quantus Discount – I am licensed through Quantus Mortgage who due to our volume of business, we also tend to get discounted rates and ability to offer free appraisal to our clients.


Referrals – We can also offer referrals for other professionals they will need, such as a Realtor, Home inspectors, Appraiser and Real Estate Lawyers.

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