Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending

What is Commercial Lending?

Any property that is zoned commercial would need a commercial lender to finance the purchase or refinance the equity to inject into your company or for expansion. We know that arranging financing for your commercial building is not easy. Whether you need money to buy that first building, or wish to obtain some of the equity in your building for expansion; the large financial institutions can be difficult to deal with.


We understand this difficulty and have assisted many small business owners navigate the world of commercial financing. Whether this means assisting you with the long list of documents needed to submit your request to CMHC and a major bank, or mapping out a plan to fund a construction loan, we have assisted clients for over a decade obtain the funds needed to grow their business.


At Canquest Mortgage, we have a team of professionals with a background in both commercial banking, and alternative commercial lending. We always do our research first and present your situation in the best light to our extensive network of lenders. Sometimes this means polling major financial institutions for the best possible rate, and other times it means working with private investors to fund a transaction that major banks are not willing to take on.


Whether you are looking to acquire a new property, expand facilities, or consolidate debt; contact us to go through your options and develop a plan for your business.


Funds Arranged for all types of Commercial Properties including:

  • Income Properties
  • Refinancing Apartment Buildings
  • Refinancing of Industrial and Retail Plazas
  • Refinancing Office Buildings and Stores
  • Refinancing of Warehouses
  • Retirement Homes
  • Nursing Homes and Stores
  • And more!